Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Taking off!

Heidi, Sangeeta and I leave tonight from Dulles Airport. We’re flying to Doha, Oman and from there to Chennai. The students leave on Thursday. We should have a chance to get settled, start getting over jetlag, and begin to get our bearings. I feel strangely calm, until I realize that soon I’ll be on the plane and this will all be real. Then my heart jumps and I have to take a deep breath! That haunting question, “What if…?” is important to ask and think about, in order to be somewhat prepared, but it can weigh heavy. The Dalai Lama has the answer: essentially, why worry? If you can do something about it, do it. Then it’s taken care of and there’s nothing to worry about. If there’s nothing you can do about it, then why worry? It’s not in your control, so it makes no sense to worry.

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