Thursday, June 25, 2009


Thoughts overflow as I think about packing for India. Michael, a seasoned traveller, suggested that I bring ear plugs. As a musician, he would think of that, while I imagine what it will be like visually, forgetting to imagine sounds...or smells. I do, however, imagine the heat. I've set my homepage to show Chennai's time and temperature; as I write this at 9:40 EST, it's 6:55am in Chennai. The temperatures are 102, 102, 100, 102 for the next 4 days! Humidity is 66% and the lows average 81 degrees. I don't do so well with heat and humidity, but I'm sure that eating certain foods will help cool me down, which makes me imagine tastes. Can't wait to taste South Indian foods, with all their aromatic herbs and spices! As you can see, I get distracted easily, and that's how it's been with packing so far...

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