Wednesday, July 07, 2010


A morning walking tour takes us through city streets that wind around humble traditional homes and breathtaking temples. Anchoring the bustling streets that surround it is the Kapaleeswarar temple. This Hindu shrine, dedicated to the God Shiva, keeps a watchful eye over the city of Chennai.
So many Gods and so little time... Even Shiva has thought of a solution for the modern worshipper! There is a spot in the far corner of the Kapaleeswarar temple that provides a perfect view of all the shrine rooftops within the temple walls. With a good view of all the Gods you can quickly offer your prayers and be on your way.


As a self-proclaimed photographer, I came to India eager to photograph the women in colorful sarees, innocent children, and market vendors. To my surprise, I feel extremely uncomfortable behind the camera, and am realizing that there is a fine line between capturing and exposing the people of Chennai. As I struggle to find a respectable balance, I am embracing the opportunity to redirect my lens to the fine details and vibrant colors of the land.