Tuesday, July 07, 2009


So first to make a correction: Doha is in Qatar, not Oman. Which is where we are now! Lots of burqas and Arab men in traditional dress; very exotic to me. I can’t believe I’m this far from home, and in an area that’s in our news constantly, and that I’ve read about in adventure stories. Speaking of stories, I watched Inkheart on the plane. Cool movie about reading aloud and having the characters and events come alive! Our story is alive and about to get really interesting, I’m sure. –Lisa

It is great to finally land back in an atmosphere I am familiar with (having grown up in the Middle East). I have been trying to view it through my students eyes to determine what might seem different or confusing or exciting. I hope that they are able to take it all in and explore. We head for Chennai in about 2 hours and there will be another 8 hour flight (this is a large world!) We are expecting great culture shock as everyone I have spoken to says, “You can’t prepare for it! It is overwhelming to your senses!” We are looking forward to getting settled and prepared for the students to arrive on the 11th.


  1. hi lisa,
    congratulations on getting to india
    i hope and know you are having a wonderful time
    take lots of good photos and share them with us
    india is not a place i ever thought i could travel to so enjoy