Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Oftentimes the anticipation leading up to a trip like this one can be a whirlwind of planning, packing, laughing, hugging, crying, and last minute freaking out (thanks again to Amy's boyfriend, Bob, who managed to deliver her passport to Dulles Airport from Baltimore with ten minutes to spare before the airline counter closed!). As we set foot into Chennai, after traveling for nineteen hours by bus, plane, van, and foot, the kinesthetic aspects of this unique city forced all of us of us to stop, take a minute, and realize that we had reached our destination. Finally.

And suddenly, all of the creature comforts which I had so meticulously prepared for myself over the past few weeks seemed unnecessary. My perfectly portioned TSA approved toiletries, newly updated iPod playlist, and neurotically organized class binder then seemed superfluous. All I needed at that moment was food, water, and sleep (lots of it!) to nurture my mind and body. And yet, once my belly was full, thirst was quenched, and body was rested, I realized that there was still something missing. It was the marriage between the two. That's right, yoga. We are in India, after all!

Led by an MP3 of Bikram Yoga’s Beginning Series, six of us took full advantage of India’s climate by turning the apartment rooftop into a makeshift yoga studio (ok, so maybe the time spent updating my iPod playlist wasn’t completely for naught...).

Fun, challenging, and interesting for both the new and seasoned yogis in the bunch, our mini hot yoga session left me sitting peacefully with its closing remark of “Namaste,” which according to one interpretation means "I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me."

It is my hope that these next few weeks allow me to do just so with my classmates, professors, students, and staff members at Bambino school.

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