Saturday, July 03, 2010


To the left is a picture of a group of young children enjoying the sunshine at the National Shrine of St. Thomas Basilica. Their happiness and joy help me get through the hard sites and experiences of India. Today on the streets there was a young woman, begging, holding her young baby. She asked each person individually through sign language to be given money or food. As each person said no, she waited...and waited...and waited. As I sat there with her standing near me, I wondered what am I doing here? What can I give without giving money? How can I express that I care and does ignoring and dismissing show her this? Is there another way of being and acting? Can I show her my heart even if it means going against the grain? How do I sit with and acknowledge all the feelings, all the pain and also all the joy that comes with the differences in our it even possible?

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