Monday, July 20, 2009

Posting by Elissa Kim
Chennai can be summed up in two words: sensory overload. There is so much chaos, beauty, and movement all around me. Thankfully, amidst the whirlwind of my emotions and experiences, I have found a source of stability and peace: my classmates. Since high school, I haven't had a close group of fellow artists who I felt I could connect with on a deeper level besides making art together. Being able to live in close quarters, eat meals, and converse with these people has made the artist in me feel more complete. It has been the little things that make me feel so comfortable here. For example, my roommate mentioned how she sometimes feel burdened by her artist's eyes that constantly want to compose things and make sense of all the inspiration around her. I feel connected to these people whom I've only known for a little over a week. To be honest, the thing about this trip I was most dreading was not the potential filth, discomfort, or digestive problems; it was the people I would be living with. So much about travel is who you travel with. They can make or break the journey. I am grateful that this trip to India has been made more memorable by the people who stand beside me.

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