Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Posting by Amy Greenough

It is so difficult to come up with something "earth shattering" to say as a summation for my experience in India. Mostly, it is because we have all had a voyage with rewards beyond recognition. Any attempt to consolidate this trip would be doing an injustice to the wealth of cultural knowledge and self awareness we have earned. Although this is the case, it does not make for an interesting blog entry. With that being said, I will say this:

First, I will never, ever again tell my significant other how he should drive his car. There is much more to what happens on the streets of Chennai than being on the "wrong" side. These are things that you just have to learn through attempts to cross the street and sitting in the front of the bus several times.

On a second, more serious note, I can say with confidence that the people in this country are what make it so beautiful. I may never fall in love with the flavor of mango, or the idea of having a "monsoon season." However, I hope to never forget the rich relationships that we were able to make here. Never have I felt more welcomed and more befriended than by the children, staff, drivers, helpers, tour guides, and men who sleep in the kitchen.

Finally, the last insight I feel comfortable elaborating on is this; I will not be upset if I never have to eat masala dosa ever again.

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